Camp Celo Counselors

We are now accepting applications for 2018!

Being a counselor at Camp Celo is a rewarding and fun experience for those who enjoy children and want to work with them in a relaxed and fun environment.

Most counselors are responsible for a tent group of five campers. Each counselor takes shared leadership of a certain program area. These areas are arts & crafts, wood shop, nature, skits, group games, and gardening.
During morning projects you will be asked to lead a variety of fun projects, from inner tubing to jug band music, to mud wrestling. These vary from year to year depending on the interests and skills of the counselors.
In Senior camp, in addition to the other camp responsibilities, two counselors lead groups of 9 campers on backpacking trips. Each session there will be a 2, 3, and 4-day hike.
We need several counselors certified in Lifeguard Training within each staff group. Many of our activities involve our nearby creeks, ponds, and rivers and a lifeguard must be present anytime campers are in the water. Those with current certification earn an additional $250.
Senior camp needs all counselors to be trained in Wilderness First Aid. They earn an additional $300 bonus for having this training.
Counselors are hired for our full season: June 4 - August 14. Starting salary is $1,500, with additional pay for prior counseling experience, prior Helper experience, and special skills. Counselors must be 18 years old with at least 1 year of college or equivalent experience.
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